Hello and welcome to Sarah Eve Medical Aesthetics.


Sarah is an independent nurse prescriber who has worked for the NHS since 2008 part of her degree and nurse training included tissue viability meaning she is an expert in wound care which is important in recognising when skin and tissue are compromised and how to treat complications that can arise ensuring safe practice. Following on from graduating as an adult nurse Sarah continued her education with the NHS and graduated with a Masters in Person Centred Practice. This means she knows how important it is that the patient is at the centre of all treatments and that an aesthetics treatment plan must be tailored specifically to every individual. No two people are the same your aesthetics plan shouldn’t be either. 

Sarah has completed accredited training programmes with the world-renowned Derma Medical to perform medical aesthetic treatments to an advanced level.

Sarah has a love of aesthetics and is passionate about the care she provides to her patients her aim is to ensure patients feel confident about themselves whilst ensuring that treatments and procedures are performed when appropriate and safe to do so and only in the patients best interests.

At Sarah Eve Medical Aesthetics we understand that as we age our faces change but we are here to help you restore your youthfulness through a variety of treatments using both dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatment using the latest techniques that will keep you looking natural.